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Package : Unity Modular Medieval Warrior 01

version. 1.0.0

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Preview video :


Medium armored warriors with 11 modular body parts with 21 changeable color masks, customizable face blendshapes and procedural materials – unlimited possibilities. Easy to create new character prefab using Character Creator scene with customization script. Good for medieval ages or fantasy games.


Modular Medieval Warrior 01 pack contain:


  • Character Creator scene – easy to create new prefabs – endless possibilities
  • Changeable 12 body parts (helmet, hair, head, beard, chest, shoulder, gloves, skirt, pants, boots, shield, weapon)  with different models and materials
  • 21 body parts where you can change HSL color (Hue, Saturation, Lightness)  using procedural material
  • Face Creator using Character blendshapes
  • Cloth simulation
  • 160 PBR textures
  • 41 models with 2 levels of details
  • Rigged and scaled to Unity Humanoid skeleton
  • 4 sockets for different weapons and shields – easy to add new items, and change slot in realtime
  • Character prefab with Unity Third Person Character script – ready to play
  • Animations (Unity Third Person animation set)
  • Easy to add new animation using humanoid type animations
  • Vertex counts of characters: lod0 = ~29k (fully equipped),  lod1 = ~9k (fully equipped)
  • Documentation file with tutorial!


For each update containing new models and texture, price could go higher. If you already have this package, all new updates are free for you.


We are planning to release more package like: light armors (NPC), heavy armors (Knights), weapons – that will fit to this character also. And of course female version.


If you have any question please feel free to contact me: or FB page