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Hi! My name is Dominik.
I have been doing 3D graphic for 18 years, since 2011 I’m working on a daily basis in the game industry as a Art Technical Director, mostly using Unreal Engine 4 and Unity.

At work I pay close attention to making my assets easy to use by others. Everything is made from scratch by me, from the creation of low-poly, high-poly, textures, rig, animations, advanced shaders and blueprints/scripts. I hope you enjoy my work and my assets will help you create your game.



All these packages are designed for Unreal Engine 4, properly optimized and ready for your game.

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These packages have been specially prepared under Unity requirements, adapted to make them easy to use in your game.

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Unity Assetstore

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90 votes

New: Modular Medieval Knights – heavy armor set

New package that will contain: new face, shoulders, chest, legs, gloves, boots, helmet, (maybe also: tabard, hood, cape). 2-3 models each with 3-4 materials variations: iron, steel, bronze. 20-30 new models with 20-40materials (80-160 textures)

63 votes

New: Modular Medieval Warriors – Females

New Modular Medieval Warriors converted to fit females + female model

53 votes

New: Modular Medieval Citizens – light amor (citizens, npc)

New package that will contain: new face, shoulders/backpacks, chests, legs, gloves, boots, helmet, jacket, apron, hood, tools(hammer,s, knifes, pick) . 2-3 models each with 3-4 materials variations. ~35 new models with 40-50 materials (160-200 textures)

15 votes

Update: Modular Medieval Warriors – new racial faces with better quality

14 votes

New: Modular Fantasy Characters – skeleton, undead, orc, elf

New package that will contain fantasy humanoid characters like: skeleton, undead, orc, elf. Changeable body parts (helmet, chest, shoulder, gloves, skirt, pants, boots, shield, hood, weapon) with different models and materials

14 votes

Update: Modular Medieval Warriors – more medium armors

12 votes

Update: Modular Medieval Warriors – add 30 new animations


10 votes

Update: Modular Medieval Warriors – more weapons

5 votes

New: Modular Sci-fi Characters

Modular  Sci-fi Characters will contain customization parts like: hand, forearm, arm, shoulders, chest, legs, head, weapons, backpack – 2-3 models each with 2-4 materials variations.



If you have any question please feel free to contact me:

You can also contact me using email info@assets3d.com or FB page https://www.facebook.com/assets3d/